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Massage Therapy

60 minute session       $100

90 minute session       $125

2 hour session             $145

All sessions come with complimentary aromatherapy of your choice and spa music. Your Therapist will provide sheets, massage lotion and massage table.

Chair Massage 

Make the most of a 15 minute break

Your health has a great impact on your day to day productivity and on your success in the work place.

Look after your health by establishing a cost effective wellness program to help increase productivity, while reducing absenteeism caused by the aches and pains of repetitive everyday movements.


Massage Therapy


At Peace Massage Co. offers chair massage for the work place, conventions, vendor-events, parties and more!

E-mail Jesika details of your event for full quote. 


Massage Series

Our massage series was created as a way to help integrate massage therapy in your busy life without the worry and hassle of scheduling your session at the perfect time. As you may already know, the hours never expire allowing you to take advantage of what you have already paid for months after purchase. The last thing we want is you stressing about getting in your massage session before it expires. If you feel you need to have a massage plan but are unsure of how long or short of a time period you need before your next session, your massage therapist will gladly speak with you about a specific massage plan tailored to your needs.

4 hour massage series         $240              6 hour massage series $450