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Namaste to all! My name is Amanda Strehl; 

I am a LMT who started exploring breathwork

several years ago. Before I jumped into it, I felt like something was missing, & spent a good bit of energy/time being lost in my emotions (e.g. anxiety & depression). I was also aware of the damage I had done to my body with abusing cigarettes & wanted to help myself heal. So I started looking into breathwork. Within the last 5 years, I met several people that introduced me to the Wim Hof Method. It took a little bit, but I looked into his teachings... & absolutely fell in love. In the early fall of 2019, I took my first Wim Hof Method class. It was absolutely incredible & mind opening! A few months later I attended a small seminar on nutrition & mindfulness.

There I was introduced to the 4 7 8 method; the first time I used it just 3 times & noticed a major difference within myself, in less than 5 minutes! A few months later, my sister told me she was using the 4 8 method to help manage her stress. Within the last 6 months, thankfully, the pieces started falling into place & I started using these tools I had in my toolbox after being guided back

time & again to breathwork to help myself. When I used it, I noticed a huge life-changing difference & discovered I wanted to help others feel this too! Breathwork has helped me manage my emotions & get more in touch with my spiritual self, which has brought me so much peace. I am aware that other people may not be living their best self & I honestly believe breathwork will help them. It may not be the cure-all they are seeking, but it is a stepping stone in the right direction to help bring their best self forward. I am comfortable in my knowledge of how to perform a variety of techniques & want to help others, so here is my understanding of breathwork, so far, along with an explanation of the techniques I use.

What is it?

Breathwork is simply manipulating the breath/breathing method for various reasons. Some people use breathwork in meditations to achieve various states of consciousness. Some people use breathwork to oxygenate & heal their body. Others have used it spiritually to access their higher self. People most likely began using breathwork when they began to gain consciousness.

Many cultures all over the globe have included breathwork in their religious, spiritual, &

medicinal practices for many, many years. Breathwork has been found in texts related to

Taoism, Hinduism, Hebrew, Qigong, & Tai Chi in Tibet, China, India, Greece, & many more I am sure.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

*brings awareness to self

*can help reduce unpleasant emotions including, but not limited to: anxiety, anger, depression

*can be used to connect with spiritual self

*helps calm the sympathetic nervous system & engage the parasympathetic nervous system

*oxygenates the body, which in turn helps the body to detox, & turns your body more alkaline

instead of acidic

*improves circulation

*reduces inflammation

*can reduce pain/unpleasant sensations 

(it greatly help when my eczema goes into what I call an itch fit)

*can help increase mental focus

Techniques I use & offer through guided sessions include:

4 7 8 - inhale 4 count, hold 7 count, exhale 8 count

Box - inhale, hold, exhale, hold. Keep all counts even

Nostril - inhale through one nostril (can hold the opposite nostril gently closed with a finger), & exhale through the opposite nostril. Keep both counts even. Fun fact: According to some yoga practices, inhaling in the right nostril stimulates the masculine (e.g. logical & assertive) energy within. While inhaling through the left stimulates the feminine (e.g. creativity & emotions) energy within.

Preparing for a session:

It is important to have a safe, quiet place where you can have some you time uninterrupted. Find a comfortable position where you can relax & focus on your breathing. I recommend to start laying down so that you can fully relax, but if space does not allow, sitting or reclining works too. If you want to add to your experience you can include soft, soothing music (I recommend healing frequencies, many are found on YouTube), & soothing essential oils in an oil diffuser (I recommend lavender or eucalyptus, check out our doTerra page ). I always like to start & end a session with giving thanks (e.g. to myself for taking the time to help myself, to Source/God/Goddess).

Hopefully this will help you & I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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What our customers are saying

5 Star - Jesika was WONDERFUL! She was attentive, on time, and really great with all my staff! We will definitely be using her in the future!

-F. M.