Whether you are receiving a therapeutic or relaxation massage, you will feel rested, renewed, and pain free.

Take control of your health today.

I am a big advocate of rest, I trust the healing power of touch, and I believe that massage is so much more than a luxury.  

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In Home Massage

In home massage therapy is exactly as it sounds. At Peace Massage Co licensed professional massage therapist will arrive at your door with everything needed for a 5 star spa massage experience in the comfort of your own home. All sessions come with complimentary aromatherapy of your choice and spa music. Your Therapist will provide music, sheets, massage lotion/oil, aromatherapy and the massage table.


      At Peace Massage Co also offers gift certificates for your loved ones during those special times of the year. 

Monthly services. Family benefits. Discounted sessions.

At Peace Member has a month to month massage subscription that provides you with one in home massage session each month. We have monthly and yearly individual subscriptions. Billed monthly or yearly.

 Standing appointments are recommended. 

The massage package was created as a way to help integrate massage therapy in your busy life without the worry and hassle of scheduling your session at the perfect time. *The hours never expire allowing you to take advantage of what you have already paid for months after purchase.

If you feel you need to have a massage plan but are unsure of how long or short of a time period you need before your next session, your massage therapist will gladly speak with you about a specific massage plan tailored to your needs. 

The massage hours in the package can be gifted to family and friends.

Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release Technique, Trigger Point, Craniosacral Therapy, Chair Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Reiki

Corporate Chair Massage

Your health has a great impact on your day to day productivity and on your success in the workplace. Look after your health and your employees health by establishing a cost effective wellness program to help increase productivity, while reducing absenteeism caused by the aches and pains of repetitive everyday movements.

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Take control of your health naturally.

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How can I help myself between my sessions?

February 14, 2016

The best advice we could offer is to soak in your tub with Dead Sea Salt and your favorite aromatherapy. Lavender - relax, Eucalyptus - circulation, breathe better with peppermint aromatherapy.  Be sure to stretch after while your muscles are still warm. Yoga first thing in the morning or before bed will help clear your mind. Make this a weekly routine and enjoy a better nights sleep as well as an increased range of motion and flexibility. Remember the saying, “ if you don’t use it you’ll lose it”? Be sure to get some exercise in; either light walking or try an exercise class. 

Keep your skin soft with our NEW massage service!

Lorimar Massage Candles are all natural hand poured candles made right here in DFW! As the candle melts massage the warm oil (designed not to burn) into your skin to sooth any sore muscles. 

The founder and owner of Lorimar Massage Candles created the candle to help her daughter with wrist discomfort caused by repetitive movement while playing guitar in college.


Now WE can help YOU!

Add this to your next session and you'll want me to leave it! 

For more about Lorimar Massage Candles visit:     https://www.lorimarcandles.com/ 

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Hours vary. 

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