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Our number one concern and to priority is the safety of our trusted clients and service providers. That is why we want to reassure you we are taking extra precautions when scheduling clients. Have a look at our new protocols.

In Home


 Nurturing. Improving. Healing.

More than a luxury. A necessity.

Tailored health programs for the modern human.

Feel Better.

At Peace Massage Co brings relaxation and healing to any setting.

We are a local and independently owned business

offering professional massage therapy to individuals,

families and corporations at their locations

across the DFW Metroplex. 

 Our busy lifestyles can get in the way of taking care of what is truly important. That’s why we keep it simple by bringing wellness to YOU! We understand self-care is vital for your well-being and livelihood. We want to help you bring peace and balance back to your life so you can start feeling like YOU again.

Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, our Programs offer tailored services such as massage therapy, breathwork, stretching and corrective exercises as well as exercises to help maintain flexibility. All of our services are customized to each individual based on their needs and individual health goals in mind. Each program is designed by our highly recommended team of health professionals with experience in the following: Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and how it works, Massage Therapy, Breathwork, Performance Training, and more. Give us a chance to help you improve how well you feel! 

Massage Therapy

* In home massage

* In Office Chair Massage

* Event Chair Massage 



* One on One fitness


* Corrective movement training's 

Bringing you...

Now reach your skin goals effortlessly! 

We are excited to share with you our collaboration with Vita Bona! 

Bringing you one great Holiday Special! 

contact us today and ask about our holiday and spa packages! 

* limited time and availability- already booking fast* 

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Let us help set you free from your pain and discomfort.

"ALL of my aches and pains have almost COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED; and I owe all the credit to Jesika Lmt at At peace Massage Co.

Jesika has been working on me for a few weeks now, and I could not be happier with the results I'm already experiencing! 😁What I love about Jesika is that she is so professional and works hard to make the experience and the massage environment as relaxing as possible! She's been the only massage therapist to find all of my problem areas and she them addressed quickly. Getting a massage from Jesika every week is what has helped me to progress to a happier lifestyle with minimal pain. Book your massage today! "              -G.W.

Meet Jesika

It's not just about relaxation.

It's not just about recovery.

It's about healing.

"Witnessing first hand how massage therapy is helping in my clients lives gives me the strength and motivation to keep going even after 13 years."

- Jesika,

owner & licensed massage therapist  


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At Peace Massage Co. has serviced the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex for over 12 years and is rated 5 stars on the company Facebook page, Google and Yelp. 

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